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Excessive Flood Damage In Your Bellmore Home

2/7/2020 (Permalink)

flood damage caused by ice dam If you ever notice that water has leaked into your house after an ice dam forms, call SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh.

Ice Dams Can Cause Excessive Flood Damage In Bellmore

During the wintertime, it is possible that the Bellmore region could see a significant amount of snowfall. Once more than one snowstorm hits, sleet and ice can build up on your roof and eventually cause you extensive flood damage. When a large amount of frozen rain falls onto your roof, it can cause a section of snow to freeze up.

In some cases, the flood damage inside your Bellmore home could have been caused by an ice dam. An ice dam can occur when the snow on the edge of your roof freezes and turns into a solid block of ice. When this occurs, the phenomena is considered an "ice dam" because of how it blocks liquid H2O and keeps it from flowing off of your roof. Once the natural flow of water gets blocked, moisture can then soak into your roof and find its way into your structure.

Ice dams get caused by the surface temperatures of your roof not being uniform. When ice dams form a loss of heat from the house, the amount of snow cover and the outdoor temperatures all play a role. In order for the water to get blocked by ice, there must be a section of the roof that remains below freezing for some time and an area of the roof that is above freezing.

If an ice dam stays on the edges of your roof for too long, it could eventually saturate your structural components, such as your roofing materials or trusses. Once exterior materials get saturated, water can find its way into your attic and then possibly flow into your structure from the ceiling. Whenever dealing with problems caused by ice dams, our SERVPRO technicians know that the moisture will be coming from the top of the building and heading down.

If moisture stays inside your wooden structural components for too long, it is possible that mold could form. However, if the moisture inside your home gets removed by a professional company such as SERVPRO promptly, secondary problems can be prevented.

If you ever notice that water has leaked into your house after an ice dam forms, call SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600 24/7. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Winter Storm Damage can Lead to Additional Problems Affecting Your Seaford Home

1/29/2020 (Permalink)

Infrared Device After a storm, you will need the professionals to assist with storm damage on your property. Call us any time.

Thorough Water Damage Restoration in Your Seaford Home Can Prevent Further Damage

As the last storm blows cold, damp air around your Seaford residence, and your family stays warm and dry inside, the shell or envelope of your home works hard to maintain this interior environment. Modern building techniques allow for the exchange of air to aid proper ventilation while still keeping moisture from entering your property. Harsh weather can cause physical changes to the exterior that affect the interior, and your family’s comfort, later.

When winds gust through narrowed spaces between homes and buildings in your Seaford neighborhood, storm damage can happen when trees fall on your house, siding or gutters loosen or twist, or when flooding because of backed-up drains or streets clogged with debris occurs. A single storm is capable of creating different problems at a single time. SERVPRO can help with scalable services and get your home restored. “Like it never even happened.”     

A fallen tree can rip either wide gashes in your roof or make what seems minimal damage to shingles. Rainwater that enters attics or upper floors, either in large rivulets or tiny trickles, travels downward, dampening building materials and personal belongings. Immediate damage can happen, especially to books, wall hangings, and art. 

Even without seeing such destruction, undetected problems might develop. Damp conditions lead to dry rotting of wood frames, mold infestations, and overworked HVAC systems. SERVPRO technicians use infrared technology to pinpoint these dampened places and then follow-up with moisture meters that reveal how high the moisture content is elevated.

Finding these areas assists us in keeping costs low for you. When we dry only what needs our attention, we also can finish much faster than if we had dried your entire house and its contents. Our goal is to provide you with service tailored to your specific situation and restore as much as possible, reducing the need to replace as many items as we can.

Call SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600 when storms and flooding damage your North Bellmore, North Wantagh, or South Bellmore house and its contents. We can work with you to make things safe and habitable again, quickly, and affordably.

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Mold Remediation in Municipal Buildings in Bellmore Can Be a Challenging Task--Even for SERVPRO

1/15/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling of commercial restroom Mold Remediation for Bellmore Commercial Buildings Needed? Contact the Professionals from SERVPRO

Ventilating School Structures in Bellmore with Commercial Mold Damage Concerns

Commercial Mold Damage Bellmore
Mold growth can adversely affect the indoor air quality (IAQ) of a school's environment. There is a growing body of concern about the health consequences of mold. This is an essential consideration for a safe school structure. Bringing in an independent hygienist to assess the scope of harm is equally crucial. These specialists are often called upon to verify the IAQ after mold remediation has completed. Building construction pre-1980 can often inhibit ventilation, which makes mold growth issues less likely to go away by themselves.

You may need to get professional commercial mold damage remediation into your Bellmore school if there is significant growth. The environmental protection agency (EPA) has a list of guidelines available to property managers of schools that can go alongside the report of an independent hygienist. Together these guides can help decide whether or not mold growth is manageable in-house. If there are widespread mold growth and a lack of proper ventilation, you may benefit from SERVPRO mold remediation technicians that have access to industrial equipment for creating airflow and dehumidification in school structures.

Mold is a living organism that feeds on materials common to indoor structures. The presence of moisture can result in the rapid reproduction of mold colonies, which then causes issues with indoor air quality as well as sanitation standards. Wiping away the visible signs of mold damage does not address the underlying problems, which is why many building managers find that mold issues can return after cleaning. SERVPRO technicians can locate and address moisture concerns in school structures that have little natural ventilation. Often, mold remediation requires the dispersal of anti-microbial agents using foggers, sprayers, and HEPA filtered air scrubbers.

One effective method of removal is to create artificial ventilation throughout the structure. SERVPRO achieves this by placing box fans or axial air movers at open points of the structure. These draw in a supply of dry air from outside. By strategically placing additional air moving equipment throughout the structure leading to an exhaust opening, we can exchange damp air for dry air. This method is exceptionally effective at removing both microscopic spores from the area and unwanted moisture, which prevents mold from returning after service. This is an open system that can be very effective under the right weather conditions.

Making a careful assessment of your mold remediation requirements should be done at the first sign of microbial infestation. Contact SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600.

Fire Damage Cleanup In Bellmore

1/10/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged home We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Small Fires In Your Bellmore Apartment

Small fires that begin in one apartment can sometimes spread to adjacent units. The fire department must also ensure that the fire is not smoldering between units inside wall cavities and in the ceiling before the firemen leave the site of the fire. A fire can easily restart if there is even one live ember left inside a wall or ceiling cavity. Tenants or condo owners may be allowed back into their units only to find holes in the next unit or even into the ceiling.

SERVPRO can assist tenants and condo owners with fire damage cleanup in Bellmore and surrounding areas. We can work closely with the tenant, the owner, and the condo board members to explain the cleanup process. Damage restoration can be coordinated with insurance companies as well to help manage claims and return the unit or units to their original condition.

Ceiling Board Up
If the fire has spread to the ceiling, the fire department must confirm there are no embers in the ceiling or on the roof it the unit is on the top floor. The firemen may have to chop holes in the roof to gain access to the cavity between the ceiling and the roof. The interior of the apartment is open to the outside elements. We can provide tarps to cover the openings.

There can be a great deal of debris created from opening walls or ceilings. SERVPRO removes all of this debris, taking care to preserve contents that can be cleaned and restored. We document all items that are thrown out for record purposes. After removing all of the debris, we can begin the restoration process, removing fire damaged appliances, cupboards as well as removing smoke odors from fabrics and clothes.

SERVPRO can restore the apartment or condo to its original condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Merrick, Seaford, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Proven Tips for Commercial Mold Damage Remediation in Seaford

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold in the window corners If your business if overtaken by mold you need to call the professionals. Call SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Mold Containment Protocols Protect Your Seaford Office

Because you do not always have staff in your Seaford office building, it can be easier to overlook microbial and mold threats than you might think. In most cases, property owners do not realize the full extent of lingering water damage after leaks, or might not recognize when active leaks exist that could present persistent moist conditions. To gain control of active mold colonization, when it eventually does get discovered, begins with effective containment protocols.  

Your office space features open working areas for dozens of full-time employees, which can showcase how detrimental mold damage to Seaford buildings can be. When underlying moisture issues develop into microbial threats, this organism can spread quickly through available avenues to affect materials like short pile carpeting, shelving, drywall, and even ceiling tiles. Addressing the situation quickly requires effective containment to regulate mold remediation tactics and maximize their efficiency.

Because of how compromising this situation can become to the contents of the area and the staff of your office space, we employ full-scale containment protocols. These designs feature the primary sealing of the damaged region but also can have additional areas built into the devised structure, including decontamination and equipment rooms. Sealing off the work area prevents active mold spores from traveling to new areas in the office and making the situation worse.

Thick 6-mil plastic sheeting gets used to seal any openings such as vents, windows, and doorways. Because of the open areas of office space, this plastic can span from the ceiling to floor and get temporarily reinforced. The entire bullpen area does not need to get sealed unless that whole working area has become damaged by present mold. Once sealed by our SERVPRO remediation professionals, we can fixate on the critical elements of mold control – including airflow, air quality, and drying out the damaged area.  

Depending on the severity of the situation, there are many instances where even full-scale containment does not threaten production. No matter what mold damage means for your office, our SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh remediators can get you back in business. Give us a call today at (516) 809-9600.

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When Floodwaters Enter Your Bellmore Home

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded street. High water and road closed sign Storms can bring floodwater and storm damage. The professionals at SERVPRO are always on call to handle your water damage restoration needs.

Call SERVPRO when You Need Swift Removal of Flood Water from Your Bellmore Home 

When water from the East Bay gets pushed into Bellmore, neighborhoods in the area can find themselves underwater. Basements can trap water, especially if electrical outages happen. Sump pumps might tip over during the initial incident from the force of the water, leaving them unable to perform typically.  

Once this happens to your house in Bellmore, the faster flood water removal happens, the less impact your family experiences overall. SERVPRO's specialists can help your family recover from any amount of flooding because our services are scalable to fit your needs, no matter where floodwater sits inside your house.  

Getting the water removed from your house happens quickly with our extraction equipment. We use the power of our truck-mounted pump to boost our InjectiDry mats, submersible pumps, and mid-size units. Depending on the type of extractor we use, the water removed from your property range from a few gallons to over a hundred gallons per minute. 

When we remove floodwater from a property, we  use highly efficient water extraction equipment sized to the specific area we are working on at that time. We also use high tech devices to help us find trapped pockets of water. These areas, if left alone, might become the starting point of microbial infestations, seep into areas otherwise assumed dry and cause water damage, and continue to create odors or cause problems with your electrical system. 

Our infrared imaging devices reveal hidden floodwater and our moisture meters and other moisture monitoring equipment show when your property achieves appropriately dry conditions. Because moisture content readings are essential in providing you with industry-standard service, our moisture readers play a role from start to finish.  

To get there, we do more than extract the water and rinse your floors, remove damaged, waterlogged drywall sections for the future reinstallation of new materials, and deodorize your home. We also bring in highly efficient air movers to keep evaporated water in the air so our desiccant machines can trap it and force wet air outside on warmer days. During the winter, however, this is often counter-productive. Our team is highly trained and utilizes the most effective approaches to get your house restored "Like it never even happened."  

SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh also coves neighborhoods in and near Seaford, Levittown, and Merrick when residents need flood water removed from their property. Call (516) 809-9600 for fast service from skilled mitigators. 

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Did You Know That SERVPRO Specializes in Fire Damage Remediation in Bellmore?

12/8/2019 (Permalink)

fire damaged walls and ceiling of a room The situation can feel quite overwhelming when your home is affected by fire damage. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services.

Correct Disposal and Fire Debris Removal of Solid Waste for Bellmore Homeowners

Dealing with the aftermath of a house fire can be emotionally draining. Not only is there a sizable task ahead, but often homeowners may need to be temporarily relocated while services are underway. The sight of non-salvageable items being stripped from a burnt-out building while remodeling and restructuring work is ahead can be a challenge. We are a trusted restoration service that can enter your property in the immediate aftermath of a fire, perform vital loss reduction tasks, and help you toward a stress-free claim. Contact us immediately after a fire to arrange service.

One of the larger tasks to carry out is fire debris removal from your Bellmore home. Restorers need to assess which items are salvageable and which require replacement. SERVPRO technicians work with a restore over replace mentality, meaning you can trust us to do everything we can to restore your belongings. Heavy-duty tasks, such as the removal of larger furniture, are included within the restoration service. Our goal is to restore your home after fire from start to finish. That goal includes arranging for contractors or other third-parties to ensure you only have to deal with one company throughout the restoration.

Solid waste that is non-salvageable must be disposed of at particular sites. SERVPRO can transport building materials, demolition debris, and concretes to landfills on your behalf. We can also take damaged appliances or electronic materials to the correct recycling facilities. Inside the home, our team can make use of soda and sand-blasting equipment to remove charring from structural materials and help to restore the property where possible.

Understandably, a homeowner may not want all fire-damaged items to be removed for disposal. SERVPRO technicians offer a range of specialist restoration procedures for electronics, document recovery as well as some furniture restoration. Where possible, we can mitigate losses by holding items in stasis until specialist restorers can be brought in- for example, by keeping electronic equipment above the dew point or rapid-freezing precious documents and books. We can create an inventory during service to be handed over to your insurer to complete a stress-free claim.

Solid-waste can be unmanageable without human resources and transportation. Contact SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600. 

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We Are Available 24/7 To Restore Your Seaford Home After A Fire

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

A stove top that suffered fire damage in the kitchen We have the experience, specialized training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

When Fire Hits Your Seaford Home 

When you experience fire damage in your home, it is traumatic, no matter the size of the fire. Fire can be very damaging to the house, not only from the fire itself but from smoke permeates throughout the residence. Even if the flames never left the kitchen, the residual effects of the smoke can damage the rest of your home. Fire extinguishing efforts can further add to the damage. 

If fire damage hits your Seaford home, the specialists at SERVPRO are ready to come in and help you with whatever you need to begin the restoration process. We Are Faster To Any Size Disaster. Our quick response is the key to damage reduction and saving money. We understand that dealing with a fire is overwhelming and quite upsetting. 

You may not know what to do first. We help you take action to restore your home and quickly prepare an estimate for you to submit to your insurance company. Typically, we communicate with your insurance adjuster or property manager within eight business hours of our arrival at your home. 

A SERVPRO professional assesses the damage, checking for restorability. They check from the fire source, where there is the most significant damage, and then outward within your home. Technicians look at everything, including the structure of the home, furniture, electronics, and artwork. Using Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) technology, they create a room by room inventory as they assess the damage. This process accounts for every item in your home and categorizes them as salvageable, non-salvageable, and questionable. This not only helps guide the technicians through the restoration process, but it also helps with contents claim settlements.

Following the damage assessment and inventory, SERVPRO trained technicians take the required steps to restore your home to preloss condition. We may need to use vendors to assist in specific types of cleaning, such as using a conservator in fine art restoration, or dry cleaner for fire damaged clothing. We clean surfaces throughout the home and deodorize thoroughly, provided that technicians already removed and cleaned all any sources of odor. Ultra Low Volume Foggers produce a mist to attack odor-causing residues. We make it, "Like it never even happened." 

If fire damage impacts your Seaford home, contact SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600. We are available to assist 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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We Are The Leader In Seaford Water Damage Removal

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage under the cabinets in the kitchen of this home We have the equipment and training to restore your home to pre-damage condition after water damage has struck.

Why You Can Trust SERVPRO to Restore Your Water Damaged Seaford Home

After a water intrusion incident has left devastation, you need to deal with the challenging task of bringing back the allure of your home. The mishap may have affected your prized appliances, furniture, or building materials like drywall. It is easy to get distressed about restoring your home. However, this should not be the case because SERVPRO can use rigorous methods to remove water and moisture.

When your Seaford home has water damage, you can trust our technicians to bring things back to normal. We have certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This means that our technicians have the training and experience required to care for your home correctly throughout the restoration process. Our technicians have undergone full training on the theory and remediation techniques of every type of water damage, regardless of the cause and severity. Whether the water loss results from leaking appliances, faulty pipes, or overflowing bathtubs, we can use advanced equipment and methods to restore your home.

Moisture affects materials in different ways. Our restorers know how humidity affects different materials. The primary variables that determine the extent of moisture damage materials may sustain are exposure time and permeance. Permeance refers to how readily materials absorb water, while exposure time refers to how long the materials were exposed to moisture. When you call us, we can get to your property in a short time and begin the remediation process quickly to minimize exposure time. Removing the water quickly helps prevent severe primary and secondary damage.

Our on-site experience also enables us to handle any situation. This minimizes the threats of continued destruction to a house. Sometimes, water gets into dense assemblies or materials that do not facilitate water movement. In such a case, we can use heat drying. Our restorers can use portable heaters to increase room temperature and air movers to increase evaporation.

Our SERVPRO crew also understands how buildings are constructed. Therefore, we can identify materials and assemblies, perform detailed moisture inspections, and establish a drying plan based on the needs and challenges of your water damage repair project. We understand the uncertainty involved when dealing with any disaster and can guide you through the process of resolving the problem. We have a genuine goal of restoring your property to preloss condition.

Water damage can create several issues in your home if you do not take care of it speedily. The technicians at SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh are ready to put their training and experience to work for you. Call us today at (516) 809-9600 for water restoration services in Bellmore, Wantagh, and Levittown.

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Our Experts Arrive Right Away To Restore Your Seaford Home After A Flood

11/7/2019 (Permalink)

Our drying equipment drying he drywall in this home after a flood cut The stormwater soaked into the drywall of this home causing extensive damage. Our technicians created a "flood-cut".

Why Initial 48 Hours is Vital for Flood Recovery in Seaford Homes

You might often hear that the first 48 hours after a flood loss incident is the most vital period for restoration and recovery of your Seaford home. Part of the reason that our SERVPRO team commits that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster is that we also believe that these initial two days are the most important to adequately protect our customer’s property and reduce the ultimate costs of restoration. From overcoming standing water to drying out saturated materials, we must work quickly to protect your house. 

Knowing what makes this period so critical can help motivate you to secure professional restoration and recovery services for flood damage in your Seaford home immediately. Just saying that we are fastest to disasters proves nothing, but knowing the steps we take to mobilize our team quickly when you need us most can show you how committed the entire brand is to inspiring loyal customers for life. We have ready trailers and production trucks stocked with drying and extraction equipment from air movers to wet-vacs and light wands to help. 

The spread of bacteria is one of the most significant concerns with natural flood damage in your home in the first 24 hours after exposure. With prompt response to your house after a disaster, our structural drying technicians can begin removing moisture and dampness to allow for cleaning agents and germicides to get applied to surfaces, structural elements, and any fixed features of the house that do not require removal and reinstallation. 

The migration of standing water can lead to the saturation and deterioration of drywall, baseboards, and carpeting. The faster that our SERVPRO team can get notified of a flood disaster in your home, the more efficiently extraction devices like our portable sump pumps and trash pumps can get deployed in the house. In areas where direct exposure has not occurred and started the degradation of the construction materials present, we can often utilize air movers and dehumidifiers to protect the structure and reduce the spread of dampness and moisture. 

Flood losses can get more challenging to restore and recover after the first 48 hours. Let our SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh team help you make it “Like it never even happened.” by calling (516) 809-9600.

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