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Don’t Host Water Damage in Your Seaford Hotel

3/18/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Don’t Host Water Damage in Your Seaford Hotel Water damage in hotels can easily spread to adjacent units.

Guest Mistakes Can Cause Water Damage in Your Seaford Hotel

While you can offer travelers a comfortable stay when visiting Seaford or passing through, the unpredictability of these steady guests can also potentially damage your facility. Water loss incidents are among the most common threat that guests can pose to individual rooms throughout your hotel, and this is often directly correlated to their forgetfulness or lack of awareness. Overflowing tubs and sinks can often flood the bathroom area, and without a fast response to the situation from trained professionals, this damage can spread throughout the room and adjacent units.

When you first discover water damage in any one of the rooms in your Seaford hotel, you need to reach out to trained restoration specialists and not rely solely on your custodial staff. While these employees have skills to handle smaller spills and the upkeep of the facility, our SERVPRO professionals have advanced equipment designed to handle substantial water loss incidents with minimal tear out and replacement.

From the time that our team first arrives at your facility, we work to establish an understanding of the full spread of the water damage. We have an inspector that goes throughout the damaged areas and utilizes advanced tools like our thermal imagery and moisture detection equipment to establish a baseline of where restorative efforts are necessary. With the right response and set up of our drying and extraction equipment, we can often preserve saturated materials like wood flooring, carpeting, drywall, and other affected elements.

Our SERVPRO team arrives with gear like our injecti-dry system which can help to penetrate beneath flooring, into wall cavities, and into ceiling spaces with a minimalistic approach. Our goal has always been to limit our interruption on your business, and our industry-leading equipment helps us to restore water-damaged units efficiently. If necessary, our team can also establish the source of the damage and repair any broken plumbing or fixtures.

While you have your custodial staff to handle messes that occur on your property, water loss can spread too quickly for untrained professionals to manage and recover. Our SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh team has the expertise and training to make water loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (516) 809-9600.

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Our Technicians Explain The Dangers That Follow A Fire Damage Disaster In Your Bellmore Home

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Technicians Explain The Dangers That Follow A Fire Damage Disaster In Your Bellmore Home Call us at (516) 809-9600 as soon as your property has been released back to you for remediation.

Unanticipated Hazards Of Fire Damage Cleanup In Bellmore

When your Bellmore home suffers from the effects of a fire, there are a vast number of concerns you must understand to live comfortably and safely in your dwelling again. Ordinary cleaning methods often fail because of the characteristics of soot damage. Your safety during the remediation can be affected negatively as many of the residues, airborne and on the surface, are toxic. Our trained and well-equipped technicians take necessary precautions during restoration.

Things you might not have previously considered during a fire damage cleanup in Bellmore might include food and personal care item safety. When cleaning out the pantry, refrigerator, or freezer, a homeowner might believe items are fine that are contaminated or spoiled. The fine particulates of smoke and soot obviously make their way through paper packaging and into opened bags. What many homeowners might not comprehend is that soot and firefighting chemicals can move up the threads of jars and taint the contents. Heat during a fire raises the temperature of the food in cans and bottles to levels where microorganisms can grow, spoiling the food.

The SERVPRO team is familiar with the potential for food in refrigerators and freezers to become unfit for consumption during a fire. If the power goes out while the disaster continues, the temperature in these appliances can rise, encouraging the food to rot. Seals on older units may not prevent soot and moisture from invading, making the food inside inedible.

Health and beauty products also can change in chemical composition as the result of the heat and seepage of soot, chemicals, and water during a blaze and its extinguishing. Rely on the expertise of IICRC-trained SERVPRO technicians to guide you as to what is safe to retain and use on skin and hair as cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, and cosmetics. Toothbrushes, combs, razors, sponges, and many other household and personal care goods might be better off replaced.

The professionals at SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh are ready to answer all your fire damage cleanup questions. Call us at (516) 809-9600 as soon as your property has been released back to you for remediation.

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For Your Wantagh Enterprise, Call SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Loss

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial For Your Wantagh Enterprise, Call SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Loss SERVPRO Saves Your Wantagh Business Money By Working Fast for Water Removal

Preventing Water Damage in Your Wantagh Business

No matter how cautious you are, water damage in your Wantagh boutique is sometimes inevitable. It can be a devastating occurrence, no matter what caused it. The cost alone can be troublesome, and it can also slow or even shut down your business for a time. Therefore, you need to act fast as soon as you realize there is an issue.
Commercial water damage in your Wantagh business is something that should be handled by professional remediation specialists, so the problem is managed correctly and in a timely fashion. At SERVPRO, our staff is trained and equipped to help you any time you need, no matter how small or large your water damage emergency is.
The primary goal of SERVPRO technicians is to dry and restore your building as soon as we can so you can get back to business as usual. We specialize in water extraction, drying and dehumidifying, deodorizing and disinfecting, and content restoration. If there is structural damage, such as to flooring or drywall, we take care of that as well, ensuring that everything affected is dry again before we leave.
Some routine maintenance can be done to try and prevent significant water damages. The pipes and drains of your structure can be a major culprit. Sinks and toilets may become plugged and create flooding. Therefore, keeping up with the maintenance to your plumbing helps to keep your system correctly flowing.
Your roof is another area where water intrusion can occur. Even a small amount of damage can create a steady leak which might go unnoticed for a long time. By the time you find the issue, much damage can be done already. Missing shingles or old roofing can cause a great deal of destruction during a massive storm. Check on your roof regularly, especially if there has been frequent inclement weather in the area. If your place of business is in a strip center, make sure the maintenance department periodically inspects to keep your business secure.
Active leak detection systems can help keep your business safe by emitting an alarm, but also by performing a function which stops the flow of water during an emergency. Most of these devices use moisture sensors to detect leaks. Passive lead detection systems are meant to alert you to a possible leak. They usually sound an audible alarm and are usually battery-operated and inexpensive to get.
SERVPRO of Bellmore/Wantagh works quickly but efficiently, so your business in Merrick, Levittown, or Seaford is thoroughly dry. We are easy to reach any time you need by dialing (516) 809-9600, so please do not hesitate, day or night, to ask us for help.

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How Clogged Drains Can Cause Your Seaford Home to Flood

2/13/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How Clogged Drains Can Cause Your Seaford Home to Flood Clogged street drains can cause water to invade your home.

Salt and Other De-Icers can Leave Your Home with Flood Damage in Seaford

Keeping the roads in Seaford clear of ice means salt trucks traveling through your neighborhood. Other de-icers, such as sand, merely provide traction for vehicles without melting anything. Sand accumulates near drains and mingles with any debris already present.  

When drains along the streets become clogged, homes in lower areas of Seaford can sustain flood damage from rapidly melting ice. This flooding contains high amounts of road salt, as well as motor oils and other contaminants. SERVPRO Franchise professionals know highly effective methods at removing the pollutants from your home, making everything "Like it never even happened." for you, quickly and efficiently.  

Small amounts of flooding can make your home unlivable for different reasons. The heavy soiling caused by flooding means carpets and padding almost immediately become ruined. Lower portions of walls that absorb water can swell and develop cracks along corners, letting water to seep inside the interior space. Increased humidity means microbes can begin flourishing all over your home's interior.  

Destroyed materials can retain both moisture that prolongs the drying time required, causing equipment to work harder, and pathogens that put anyone present at risk of various health effects. SERVPRO franchise professionals work in teams to mitigate the damage caused by flooding. Getting your house's interior free of waterlogged items like flooring and soggy drywall decreases the amount of moisture left after we pump out any standing water.  

Drying your home's interior to reach normal moisture content levels includes removing trapped pockets of water which can happen behind cabinetry and built-in drawers. We drill holes to both drain trapped water and then to allow for tubing to circulate air inside the area. We use air movers for this and to also dry out the rest of your home.  

Our flood damage mitigation specialists make sure that all hard surfaces get a thorough wipe-down with antimicrobial cleansers. We want to make the interior space clean again for your family, so you do not need to worry about contamination.  

SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh understands that winter in Merrick and Freeport also means melting snow and ice, which can cause flood damage in certain areas. If you experience this, call our 24-hour services number, (516) 809-9600, so we can help restore your home to pre-event condition.

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At Last, the Secret to Levittown Fire Damage Remediation is Revealed!

2/8/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage At Last, the Secret to Levittown Fire Damage Remediation is Revealed! Regardless of the extent of the fire damage, team SERVPRO can make it "Like it never even happened." Call us right away for best results.

Fire Damage Technicians in Levittown Talk About How Fire Ruins Structural Components

It could happen when you least expect it that suddenly you see or smell smoke and notice that something inside your Levittown home has caught on fire. The first thing you should do after you know everyone in the building is safe is to extinguish the fire with water or an extinguisher as quickly as possible to reduce the overall amount of fire damage. Once flames ignite, the heat can start consuming many of your contents and building materials as fuel. Many of these items combust or turn from a solid to a gas when heat is applied, but some substances only combust partially and enter the air in the form of smoke. This smoke can then cause many different fire damage related problems itself.

Even if the burnt region of your house is small, it is still wise to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO. Our team has experience in completing fire damage projects in Levittown that are both big and small. During most scenarios, our technicians are tasked in dealing with issues that are caused by both heat and smoke. Once something inside a building ignites, the flames rise with the heat and can then start spreading to other areas away from the initial source.

If the blaze burns hot enough it can use just about any type of material in your home as fuel. These fuels can burn at different temperatures and thus put off various types of smokes and soot residues. Fires that burn slowly at lower temperatures and get starved for oxygen can produce wet smoke that leaves behind thick residues that can be difficult to remove. Fires that burn quickly at higher temperatures and have plenty of oxygen often produce dry smoke that is more easily cleaned from surfaces. During most projects, our SERVPRO technicians know that there are likely both wet and dry smoke present after a burn.

Therefore, in most cases, your structural contents can get damaged by either soot residues caused by smoke or the heat and flames coming from the fire itself. If you ever have a small burn inside your home, call SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600 any day of the week.

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SERVPRO Utilizes Advanced Technology to Restore Fire Damage Homes in Wantagh

1/31/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO SERVPRO Utilizes Advanced Technology to Restore Fire Damage Homes in Wantagh Smoke odors penetrate building materials and your possessions and can linger for a long time.

Fire Damage Experts In Wantagh Describe The Advanced Technology They Use During Restoration

Any time something burns inside your Wantagh home, the situation can become quite devastating. Even if the fire damage is small, it is still wise to call in a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. Once something burns inside a building, smoke can cause problems including creating soot residues and foul odors. Once smoke penetrates building materials, unpleasant aromas can linger for a long time. A significant part of any fire damage restoration project is to deodorize your contents and structural components. 

Deodorization is usually the last step to any mitigation process. The first step in any fire damage project in Wantagh is the initial inspection and estimate process. As soon as we answer your call, our SERVPRO team gets their testing kit and other equipment together and heads over to your residence promptly. We offer fast 24/7 service so that we can quickly begin working on mitigating your problems. We know that issues can get worse as time goes on, so we try to begin restoration work as quickly as possible. 

During the initial estimate process, our SERVPRO technicians use their testing kits to test clean surfaces to see which items we think we can clean and restore and which items we cannot. Our highly trained team is IICRC certified, and we have a vast amount of experience in dealing with a variety of different situations. We use the combination of our training and experience to determine at the beginning which items we know are replaceable and which items we think there is a possibility that we can clean and restore. 

Once we determine our plan of attack, we begin removing any materials that got severely charred. Next, we begin the soot removal process and clean items that got affected by soot or soils. Once all smoke and fire damaged items get cleaned and removed we use advanced technology to complete the final cleaning and deodorization process. Depending on the situation, we can use machines like ozone generators or ultra-low volume foggers to help with smoke odor elimination. If you ever notice problems created by fire or smoke inside your house, call SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600 any day of the week.

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Flood Damage Remediation Blueprint in Seaford - Rinse and Repeat

1/25/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Flood Damage Remediation Blueprint in Seaford - Rinse and Repeat The amount of water that enters your home during a flood can be overwhelming. Contact our SERVPRO team for effective water removal efforts.

Why SERVPRO Helps Overcome the Challenges of Flood Extraction in Seaford

Extracting floodwaters can be a difficult task that in most cases requires assistance from a professional. If the thought of wading into murky contaminated water is not revolting, then the volume of water that needs removal breaks the resolve of many Seaford property owners after a flooding incident. Our professional restoration service lifts the burden because we undergo IICRC training. We also have a variety of equipment to deal with any challenges that arise.
Contamination is a serious risk during flood extraction in Seaford. Before the water reaches your property, it flows over different areas where it collects different types of contaminants. For example, wastewater trenches might have different biohazards including raw sewage while open fields might have pet wastes or dead animals among other contaminants. Exposing yourself to such water poses a health risk. Our SERVPRO technicians take precautions like spraying EPA-registered disinfectants immediately after arriving at your premises and wearing protective clothing like rubber gloves and full body suits, among others.
Water volume is another severe challenge in flooding incidents. Besides, it is not possible to turn off the source unlike in regular water spills. Therefore, extraction and cleanup can only happen if the rising water subsides. However, our SERVPRO crew can help in many ways even when extraction is not possible. We handle content move outs to a different location within the property or an offsite warehouse. We can also dismantle cabinets and other wooden fixtures to limit the time they remain submerged.
After a flood, there is lots of debris to remove. Sometimes the floodwaters dump silt and other debris from outside the property. The water also damages contents like books and fabrics within the house. Also, due to the risk of contamination, removal of porous materials like drywall, carpets, and pad is necessary. All these lead to a high volume of debris that needs removal. Our SERVPRO technicians handle the process efficiently working as a team. We also have special tools like molding lifters and prybars for easy removal of carpets without damaging baseboards, door frames, and other fixtures.

Hiring a professional to extract floodwaters from your property eases the process. Call SERVPRO of Bellmore/ Wantagh to help. You can reach us at (516) 809-9600 any time.

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Our Fire Damage Experts In Bellmore Discuss The Most Common Types Of Soot

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Our Fire Damage Experts In Bellmore Discuss The Most Common Types Of Soot SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh is a leading service provider in fire damage restoration.

Types Of Soot To Expect After A Fire Damage Experience In Bellmore

Effectively dealing with smoke residues after a fire damage experience is no doubt one of the most difficult aspects of the property restoration process. For that reason, our technicians are always ready to offer a helping hand. There are different types of smoke residues that we encounter while restoring properties in Bellmore.

After responding to a fire damage incident in Bellmore, our technicians assess the situation to determine the type of smoke residues. The most common types of soot include dry soot, wet soot, protein soot, and fuel oil soot. Dry smoke is easy to clean since it does not heavily stain surfaces as compared to the wet smoke residues. However, the dry smoke residues come from hotter fires; hence the heat causes extensive damage to the surface.

When it comes to wet residues, our SERVPRO experts understand the daunting task ahead. Cleaning surfaces that have been stained by wet smoke residue require a thorough cleaning process that is backed by the necessary cleaning equipment. Fortunately, the fact that the surfaces are not damaged by excessive heat makes the surfaces viable for restoration.

Protein residues are not an issue to our experts either. Such smoke particles are as a result of burning organic products. However, these stains are mainly characterized by a strong odor. Therefore, the cleaning process is pegged on eliminating the odor rather than cleaning the surface, since the protein soot is not easily visible on the surface.

Our technicians can attest that fuel oil soot is the easiest fire residue to clean. This type of residue is largely as a result of ignition of old soot. The fresh soot can easily be removed from the surface without damaging the paint job on the surface.

SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh is a leading service provider in fire damage restoration. You can rest assured that our top-notch services will yield satisfactory results. Contact us at (516) 809-9600 to enlist our top quality services.

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Why You Need Professional Flood Cleanup for Your Seaford Residence

12/20/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why You Need Professional Flood Cleanup for Your Seaford Residence Call SERVPRO when the storm waters enter your home.

Flood Cleanup Experts in Seaford Talk About Problems With Contamination

Any time a storm blows through Seaford, there is a chance that your property suffers from damage. Many factors created during severe weather can cause water to start filling up your home, making flood cleanup by a professional company like SERVPRO a requirement. Water entering your home from the outside can produce several problems inside your home. Water can ruin building materials inside your houses such as your carpet, drywall, and other flooring materials. If moisture stays inside any structure for too long more problems result making quick flood cleanup a necessity.  

Our SERVPRO restoration team offers fast 24/7 service, so we respond quickly after a storm causes damage to your building. We are located close so that we can respond fast and get to your flood cleanup project in Seaford to start mitigating issues right after they take place, so they do not get worse. We are on call every hour of the day and every day of the week so we can help you with issues that take place even in the middle of the night. The faster we can remove moisture from your building, the less likely your contents and building materials suffer from secondary damage. Secondary problems include those caused by water vapor in the air and mold contamination.  

If moisture finds its way inside your home from the outdoors, there are a few health issues that could arise. Rainwater coming into a structure is considered "grey" or category two water. Grey water damage is treated differently than problems with clean sources because there is a chance the moisture contains harmful bacteria. If the water that affects your home is extremely muddy, then it is dealt with as "black" water or a category three situation. When mitigating problems involving black water, most of the materials that come into contact with the moisture necessitate removing due to the high possibility of it containing harmful microorganisms.  

If you notice that water has entered your house after a storm hits town, called our highly trained team at SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh at (516) 809-9600 as soon as you notice an issue.

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Three Reasons Why You Need Professionals to Restore Your Fire Damaged Seaford Home

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Three Reasons Why You Need Professionals to Restore Your Fire Damaged Seaford Home Extinguishing the flames is the easier part of a fire event. Removing smoke, soot, and water damage can be a long process..

SERVPRO Avoids Common Cleanup Mistakes for Fire Damaged Homes in Seaford

Fire damage to homes in Seaford and other local communities should always be cleaned up and handled by professional and certified fire damage restoration technicians. Without taking specialized classes and utilizing equipment specifically designed to keep damage to a minimum, many cleaning companies make mistakes that end up costing the homeowner thousands of dollars in additional repair costs later on. SERVPRO is a highly trained and specialized damage mitigation and restoration service that can help you avoid these common complications of a fire disaster.

Long-Lasting Smoke Residues

Although fire damage in Seaford homes can produce many different kinds of smoke, each with unique properties and challenges to effective cleanup, one commonly shared trait of all smoke damage is that it requires advanced processes to remove from homes completely. Not only does the smoke coat every surface in the area of the fire and beyond, but it can even seep into the walls and floors of your home to create long-lasting odors and stains. Removing smoke particles from anything but the top of a surface requires more advanced treatments than most cleaning companies can provide. To combat these smoke odors, we employ thermal fogging technology with a unique blend of chemicals that neutralize individual particles and ensure the deepest clean possible.

Harmful Water Mixes

Water-based cleaning products may ordinarily be a critical part of any cleaning company's toolbox, but SERVPRO technicians know that mixing water with many types of smoke and fire residue can create damaging and even potentially hazardous mixes of sludge that can create severe runoff and staining problems around the home. We employ dozens of specialized mixes and cleaning tools to best combat every type of fire damage on every type of material without causing additional damage.

Improper HVAC Cleanup

Even companies that specialize in HVAC cleaning may fail to remove smoke particles and odors from your vents and air ducts. We combine our extensive list of HVAC certifications with fire restoration technology to bring the best of both cleaning disciplines to your home.

SERVPRO of Bellmore / Wantagh provides comprehensive damage cleanup and restoration services for homes in the local area that have suffered from the effects of a fire. Call us at (516) 809-9600 to find out how we can help.

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